Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

San Diego Hip Hop-A07 Cipher

A07 x Shop Overload Cipher from BeautyInTheHood on Vimeo.

SD's Ao7 recently held a cipher at Overload Skateshop.

Don't forget to stop by the shop to pick up a free copy of the new mix tape "The Laundry Room" by Real J Wallace.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Letter From BooCakes

Work. Boring. Yup. You know the drill. And so I will write. Maybe this is to you, maybe it isnt. But wouldnt you be so lucky to get such an email? Ha, you must be.. because this is surely to you. I find that spontaneous emails like this can be either quite intriguing or rather dull and possibly disappointing to some degree. Hopefully its to your liking. Now, if I only knew what I was going to write about... that would be generous.. of my brain... to let me know... perhaps I will tell a story? No because its all nonsense.. simply nonsense.. and if not then it would be about you.. and you already know how that story goes or similar ones... so I sit here struggling with this lack of creativeness and it is very upsetting to tell you the truth. What comes to mind when I try to think... cupcakes and stickers and patterns... I might as well be a 5 year old girl. I need substance. Thats what it is.. yes. Where do I get this? Can I purchase such a thing? I wish people stood on corners offering it, I really do. You know, if I had plenty I would share... I wonder if those who are so lucky do try to expose their wealth... Where do I find them? I suppose I would need a directory of some sort but then I would never know where to find that either.
And so. I sit. Empty and sunken. I can't even dream or think to myself because theres just nothing. Maybe my switch is off.
Well, I do apologize for my lack of purpose.. and I assure you'll find my next email much more enhanced.
So until next time my dear sweet friend...
And please notify me if you hear of anyone handing out substance.