Monday, September 29, 2008

Pacific Islander Weekend (no pics, a lot of words)

My Weekend:

Friday:: Got home from work and Hanna said we are going to IKEA for a new entertainment system. My parents truck breaks down so Hanna and I had to take both of our cars with the baby. We left IKEA with a long 6-drawer dresser and 2 tall self things. We managed to squeeze 2 long boxes and one small box into my little car and one long box into Hanna's car. We unload those at my house. We then travel to Wal-Mart to buy our new TV. We have to take two cars again because my parents are not home yet to watch the baby because they were getting the truck towed to our house. We buy the TV and try to fit it into Hanna's car because hers is 4-door. It almost fit but we had to take it out of the box and we seat belted it to the back seat. We get home and realize that when the guy helped us load it into the car...he accidentally kept the remote and the power cord. Hanna was pissed off, I was tired. We had to drive back to Wal-Mart in Eastlake to get it. We get home and spend the next few hours putting everything together and cleaning up. We didn't go to sleep until 5a.m.

Saturday:: I had to wake up early because Marie (the baby) woke up. I let Hanna sleep because she was working later that night. I finished up the room and had to take all the old stuff that we replaced the night before into the garage so my parents could use it. Basically I was cleaning and moving things half of the day. Ryan and Sheila come over a little later and Ryan and I play Xbox 360 on my new 42" LCD. We then get ready to meet up with people at Dave and Busters for Jonathan's re-play for his bachelor thing thing. After we left, we went to good ol' Sarita's taco shop...deliciousness.

Sunday:: Had to wake up early again to get ready for the Pacific Islander Festival at Ski Beach. I really just went there for the food and the little shops that they have. I ate chili and rice, shave ice, spam musubi, and funnel cake. I bought 2 little helmets for my new car, when I buy it, and one for Hanna. They are expense there...but I wasn't going back to Hawaii for a while so I had to pick a couple up. Ryan, Marie, and I left and went to Marie's grandparents house to watch the Charger game. We got there before the first half ended and we were getting blown out so I decided to take a nap. Don't worry people, I woke up when all the good stuff happened. Like LT finally doing something this season. Congrats to him. He finally did something on his own, he wasn't cleaning up for Sproiles that game. We left there and played Xbox again on my new TV. We waited for our girls to get home and went to dinner. The choice for the night was Olive Garden's never ending pasta. I wasn't that hungry. My pasta ended at two bowls.

Funny Fun Fun

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun Pictures from the Internet

All photos, courtesy of a hypebeast forum.