Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Outsiders/Guttersnipe x BMX/BBQ

BMX and BBQ, the best two things every created. The Outsiders and Guttersnipe will be hosting a BBQ at San Diego Embarcadero Park and a BMX ride through downtown during ASR/Agenda. Last summer it was held at Crowne Pointe. It will be fun, bring the family and friends, all are welcomed.

Unfortunately I may not be attending this event due to I will probably be snowboarding with friends and family. Snowboarding was scheduled before this...but if that fails, you will definitely see me out there.
Damn you Rhandy.

Monday, December 29, 2008

AniMorphs...(you don't remember)

Thanks to Guttersnipe for this great find. Morph celebrities into super celebs or into monsters. You decide. I went for the super celeb combo.
Kate Beckinsale's Face Combined with Megan Fox -
This would be Kate Beckinsale and Megan Fox.
The faces of Hayden Panettiere and Jessica Alba combined together -
Hayden Panettiere and Jessica Alba combo.

Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein -
Hitler and Saddam
Shrek's Face Combined with Gollum -
Shrek and Gollum... I am done playing. Enjoy everyone.

Let's Meet In Between...and Ride

Between holiday ride, same spot, same time. This time with Leo, Brandon, and Ryan.

Leo on his super shiny Akusa.

Brandon on his shiny clean '84 Mongoose Blue Max.

Ryan borrowing my murdered out '85 Mongoose Californian.

I rode my '83 Mongoose Californian.

The must-stop 7-Eleven rest.

Leo and Ryan checking the surf.
Brandon being Emo.

Marie's Christmas/1st Birthday

I haven't posted in about a week and I forgot that it loads them backwards...don't know why but it does. I am too lazy to flip them so I will explain in reverse. Enjoy.
This will be my daughter's first official Christmas and her 1st birthday. I say first official because she was born on Christmas morning.

The outcome of her goodness.

Call Play Hut and tell them to put this in one of their ads.

This was her expression with every present.

Christmas photo with myself, Marie, and my EX-Fiance Hanna. We did not mean to match it just happened that way. Ladies I am single now...
...but she comes with the package.

Monday, December 22, 2008

ThunderCats Trailer

This is a fan-made trailer for a Thundercat's movie that will not be releasing. Courtesy of and All of the clips came from already made films carefully photoshoped frame by frame and filmed/edited on adobe premiere. This is a true fan.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Friday night was Jeff's birthday. Everyone met at ???Ming Sok Chon???, That's pretty close to what it was i guess. It is next to the Korea House on convoy.
A bunch of old buddies that I haven't seen for awhile were there so that was nice seeing all of them again.

This was me...Side of rice and a whole lot of soju...if that's how you spell that. Soju is an alcoholic shot beverage...this place had many flavors and it starts to creep on you after your 15th one...then drunkenness starts to settle in.

Next day was a small party day. My nephew and I usually have a combined party thing where his is during the day then all the drinking starts at night. He turns 10 on the 15th of Dec. and I turn 22 on the 14th of Dec... This is Korean BBQ and BBQ Chicken.

Dj's of the day...Dj Macaysa

JhetLag...also not pictured Vince, Julz and BigWillieStyle.

Beer Pong a must...Green means go.

Mid Flight Ping Pong...She missed.

The next day (my actual birthday) we went to my all time favorite place to eat...Barona Buffet. This is Marie trying a pineapple.

You tell me if she likes it.

On the way back to my vehicle. 56 we need you back. 13s...thanks Ryan.

Sorry this was the short and to the point blog. Maybe more to come. If Willie post his pics of the party then there will be part 2...I didn't take that many pictures, sorry folks.

"Fighting Five" from 5&aDime

5 and a Dime also released a "Fighting Five" video for their "Fighting Five" series of tees. Enjoy.

"Fighting Five" from 5ANDADIME on Vimeo.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I know Jomo and Tony already posted this but I am too.
Ok, so this is probably going to be one of the sweetest movies of 2009. Wolverine, the best X-Men character ever created in my opinion and probably in the hearts of others, has a movie based about Wolverine. (Starring Hugh Jackman himself...the original wolverine from all the other X-Men movies.) Everyone knows about Wolverines history if they ever watched the classic X-Men cartoon. So no need to explain that. Saber-Tooth, wolverines arch enemy, will also be in this flick.
What I am most excited about this movie is that my all time favorite character GAMBIT will see life in this movie phenomenon.
It should be great, can't wait. May 1.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oslo Opera House Is A Stealth Skate Park

I got this from This is a great article for all you skate heads out there. Mad Love.

Sure, you’ll find a skateboard in your local mall, but mall grabs are a lot different than mute grabs. Face it, a majority of big businesses in the United States love making money off skating, but hate the skater. We even saw that Skate Stopper video which uncovered full-time skate stopper employees who actually make money by destroying our prized ledges, and even Nate Sherwood from boycotted Loews after he discovered they skate stopped their ledges!

But don’t be fooled by the heartless”liability” freaks here Stateside, because out in Europe, skaters are actually commissioned to help in the architectural design process. Yup, you read right. As today’s structural aesthetics are getting a bit too “square” and redundant, free-spirited architects are relying on skateboarders, who are experts in “twisted planes”, to help create free-flowing and visually appealing edifices. Parks in Barcelona and the Phaeno Science Center in Germany were designed with skaters in mind (not a huge surprise), and the latest building stealth outdoor skate park is Norway’s Oslo Opera House (above). Designed by Snøhetta , the super-structure is inspired by the image of two glaciers colliding, but that’s just an artsy way of saying it’s skate heaven…with a massive body of water at the bottom of the embankment - no room for mistakes.

Read the full article HERE, which gives insight to the actual “skate spots” and see a list of tricks (after the jump) that skater’s are encouraged to do at Oslo, yes, there’s an actual list of tricks - wow. There’s even one trick for you fruit booters called the “Downhill Slalom”, and nope, sorry fixie riders, you’re not even cool in Norway.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Surf the Net pt.2

Fun photos found on the Internet.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sarah Palin is a Dirty Girl

Prob one of the best photo-shopped pics of Palin.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Easy Like Sunday Morning

Went on the usual Sunday ride with some friends. The boardwalk was sucky that day...the fog rolled in, it was windy, no girlie's in bikini's. Still fun though. Also...I froze my ass off. I farted icicles.



Poopie in the Pottie

She POOPED in the TOILET!!!...with a little help.