Monday, June 30, 2008

Spiz'ike's 4 Sale

Hey, these are on sale...$150 or best offer. I'm not money hungry, just want to give them a better home. They are potty trained, they know how to fetch, cook, clean, and help you slam dunk over massive 7ft stilt children... and shaq. Let me know. Find me on myspace under Kris-Jun, or e-mail me at Remember people, these babies don't kiss on the first takes a dinner and a movie first to get into these babies underoos.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Miso Harney

Thursday a few of us went to Harney Sushi in Old Town. It is located on Harney Street, a block away from the Walee House. No pictures of that, I didn't want to see any unwelcomed figures poseing within the picture. Well, sushi and reggee are pretty good with each other. I enjoyed my time there. A bit pricy but you get what you paid for...a whole lot of satisfying deliciousness.

Flaming Lips Roll
California Roll (8pieces)
Dank Roll (19.00). It contains lobster and snow crab.

The dessert...Deep Fried Cheesecake with Strawberries and chocolate and caramel.
Hannas early Birthday at Harney Sushi...come over on the 28th of June and come join the fun at my house for Hannas real birthday BBQ.
Willie and hunger

After dinner, we went strolling through old town.
Tourist pictures.

He broke the scale.
Jabbawockeez part 1

Had to tie his shoe...break time...what is that behind him...
Jabbawockieez part 2

Gay pic 1
Gay pic 2.

Marie-Anna Kalea Mendoza

This blog is dedicated to my daughter, Marie. Just because I love her a lot. So as you can see this is my baby girl. There's no denial of the daughter. We sleep the same, eat the same, our gas comes out of the same end and sounds the same on the way out.

Midnight snack
She watches her uncle Willie DJ all the time. Marie "The Future" Mendoza.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't Take Vacation

So my boss, Harold Carr, went on vacation for a week back to good ol' Oklahoma and Kansas last week. This is what his trusted employees were doing to his office. Looks clean at first glance...then looks too reflective...clear, somewhat adhesive to itself, wrap...the mastodon size packaging clear wrap everything in his office. Except his clowns...those are way to expensive for me to break and replace...some not even replaceable.
The boss man's office...STERILE.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

411 @ 5&aDime

Attention all shoppers...Blue light special on aisle 8th and G. Get all your last minute In4mation Spring Gear before it's gone at the 5&aDime Gallery located on 828 G street. First come, first serve. Also check 5&aDime for the new MOB, Crooks Illuminate, Recon, Guttersnipe, and many more located on the corner of 8th and G in downtown.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beating the Heat Saturday Night

So there was a BBQ Saturday night...other pictures on bigwilliestyle and brandeezy's blogs seen to the left of the screen. This BBQ was for J-Rock and Grace's birthday..
Chris the chef of the night, also his dad (not pictured).
Real Beer Pong...Really Hard

Shayla likes beer she doesn't, she's trying to get the Sunkist in the middle.

They like SuperCrew
Flip Cup
Unfortunately my skills to flip the cup malfunctioned and we had to take a shot of Bacardi...I think it was.

Ryan shoots...
...and misses, over the fence.

Special guest appearance by Hanna, the Sharp-Shooter, soon to be, Mendoza.
Knocked out on the Colossal Bean Bag.
Knocked out birthday girl, Grace.

Saturday Afternoon

This is Baby Marie...I thought about shipping her out, I think there was enough Styrofoam to keep her cushioned. I didn't do it, don't call the police.
We went to Natural Style Chicken...I recommend it. Only get #11.

I want to be this muscular.

For some reason I ordered the #12...don't ask me why. This is the teriyaki beef. It's pretty good.
Don't get the teriyaki beef. Get the #11...This is the whole reason why you come here, to get the teriyaki chicken and thousand island dressing for the salad. So delicious...

After Natural Style Chicken we went to Red Mango in Mission Valley Mall. This is yogurt, with dark chocolate nibbles, some chewy gummy stuff, strawberries, and fruity pebbles.
Marie wants more.
I like the sitting seats, if that made any sense.

Face full of deliciousness.