Friday, August 29, 2008


The Suite Life of Kj Hanna and Marie

Hanna finally had two consecutive days off at work, and I took the two days off, and we decided to go to Las Vegas for a little family vacation. Since Hanna has been working, we really haven't had much time to spend as a family. Hanna, Marie, and I packed up and left San Diego early Wednesday morning.

on the road again...just can't wait to get on the road again...

We stopped in Barstow for a little gas up, some outlet shopping, and Denny's. The Barstow outlet isn't that great so we just ate.

This picture should have been up one.

Hanna mapping her way around.

Marie enjoying some snacks as we waited for our food. I always want to take pictures of my food, but I get too anxious and shovel it down...when I realize I was suppose to take a picture, all the food is gone. So probably no food pictures in my blog.

She normally doesn't drive this close to the steering wheel...she was trying to stay up and get comfortable.

As for me, I was lounging around on the passenger side.

She decided that she was tired and we pulled over and switched places...she knocked out quick.

It is 2 o'clock and we are still driving.

Almost there.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada!

Something happened on the was stopped traffic...

This cement truck flipped over I am guessing, due to the barrel that it carries around is completely smashed in.

We checked into our hotel and the room wasn't clean yet, so we went to this Ice Cream Parlor that was in the Casino and had a sundae.

Hanna surprised me with a Suite. This would be the Bar area.

Whatever sofa thing this is.

It had its own living room and dining room. It had a fridge but no microwave...I guess the rich don't do leftovers.

This was really cool...You turn on the t.v. and it pops up out of the foot of the bed.

Shower, jacuzzi bath tub...I took two baths in this thing...I never take baths.

His and her sinks.

Closet with complimentary bathrobe and slippers.

The toilet and the European crotch/bottom cleaner...because I don't know how to spell the actual word. Badai/Baday/Badae...Who knows? Help me out.

Lots of towels and mirrors. I was kind of scared...If you ever seen that clip of the Japanese ghost child in the mirror, you would have been scared too.

My daily essentials.

She was trying to sneak away...let's follow her.

Just looking at the awesome view of other rooftops and the pool.

Pool View...They do have a topless pool is called the Bare time binoculars for sure. I am joking...or am I?

Caesar's Palace shopping center. Always have to stop at this toy store. It is one of the greatest.

These dinosaurs were a few hundred each.

This was awesome

Star Trek Figures.

Super Heroes


There is little men inside him.

Space Foam or whatever it is...puff the magic dragon, or Nessy.

Back to our hotel room.

Obey the Sign

Our VIP elevator.

Access has been granted.

Also at the Cesear's Palace, Cheesecake Factory...we watched the show too. It's like we drove to Vegas for Cheesecake when we drove to LA for the Huf party but then just went to Cheesecake Factory...I got my $20 salmon.

Our hotel at night.

Waiting in line to get in Sigfried and Roy's Secret Garden...I don't think that's the only thing secret about those two guys.

We got in and had breakfast at the snack bar. She is not a boy...just has daddy's features.
My $4 dollar hotdogs never tasted so great, with my $2 slush.

You would think that this dolphin was playing with this ball...

...I think he had something else on his mind with that ball.

Hanna and Marie looking at the non horny dolphin.

Also in the Secret Garden were animals...this is not an animal, this is a little hut at to the left of it is the wishing tree.

Mama Lion

New baby Tiger.

The King of the Garden.

The new addition to the ocean family of Nevada...SGT PEPPER...he already knows how to do was cool.

Is it still a secret?

Bye bye Vegas.

It's a silo.

This area was just filled with broken down cars and one lived here...just a random spot with metal junk.

They lied...there are no outlets.

Bat Baby, newest addition to the DC family.

Gasing up before the long road...with th JDM baby on board.

If you ever find this at any store stock up...this is some really good stuff.

Looks like water...but it is really shiny dirt.

Welcome to Bakers field...Home of the World's Largest Thermometer.

The World's Largest Thermometer...It was 112 degrees outside.

We stopped in Victorville for some good eating.

You already know what I got.

Female Pope Marie the III

My girlfriend's '98 finally hit 70,000 miles...