Thursday, July 31, 2008

Like Camping...but without the Camp and just Smores

Tuesday night Hanna decides that she wants Smores. So we head over to the Albertsons in Rancho San Diego, not the one in Spring Valley...too dangerous...and get the essentials.

The essentials for Smores.

Essentials for my stomach.

Hanna roasting her marshmallow.

Sheila loves everything burnt.

Roasty toasty

Ryan my big head bro

Half blind half deaf half amazing...KC

Brandon's glowing...maybe he's turning into a ghost.

...but I can't wait til Sunday morning...

Sunday we had a BBQ for my cousins. My cousin from Hawaii moved to Las Vegas with his brother. They both came down to go to Comic Con.

Me, Mike, Jason, Jackie

Corn and Korean BBQ


Bought the smallest patties for the biggest buns...sounds kinky.

Hot dogs

Red Mango

This was my Saturday...Red Mango...Scrumptious in Mission Valley Mall. Two stores over from the movie theater, Red Mango, is filled with joys of yogurt and whatever else you can put in it. Pricey but available when your visiting friends that work in Mission Valley Mall.

Double chocolate, mochi, fruity pebbles and mango all on top of original yogurt.



Eazy Brandeezy

Size 18 Air Force Ones found in Nordstrom's Rack...Ladies you know what they say about a man's shoe me.

Welcome again to Natural Style Chicken.

a little eaten but still a good picture...maybe.

My Waitress gave me Crabs

Last Friday we met up with some friends at Joe's Crab Shack. It is all not that great, and it's pricey. I would prefer Crab Hut.

Future Mrs. Mendoza and little Ms. Mendoza

Cassie and I

They like to match.

I asked for a regular smoothie...and they gave me this girlie looking thing with a plastic palm tree decor. It tasted delicious, but looked like I was coming out...closet.

My utensils of the night.

Cassie and Joe...they broke up but they still LOVE each other, because I said so.

Donny and his girlfriend...sorry I forgot your name.

Donny and nameless' daughter.

Brandeezy FoSheezy

My bucket of deliciousness.

Sausage thread

It was captured by Al Queda.

The damage was done.

Pinata World

Ladies and Gentlemen...Introducing...Pinata World. Where all your pinata fantasies come true. Packed with any type of pinata you can think of...and the most lead filled Mexican candy you can eat. (nutritious)

This was the biggest of the bunch. This Goliath hunk of pinata only cost $75. Someone throw a party and message me if they want to invest in this party full of fun Gigantor.


Goldilocks, located in the same shopping center as Sea Food City, is a Filipino bakery brand/restaurant of delicious Filipino dishes. As you can see they do cakes, breads, and other blurry words. Their cakes are done really well, with little toys that you can wash and keep...but pricey.

Fantastic Four

Mickey Mouse and his Crew

The Newer Power Rangers...the first season was the best.

Chicken Little and the gang

You won't find these two liquids in any other restaurant...Patis and Vinegar.

Tocilog...(tocino and egg)

Beef steak and egg...I forgot what they called it.