Thursday, February 26, 2009

San Diego Zoo

2.25.09 I took the day off to go to the zoo. Not just any zoo, the World Famous San Diego Zoo! Is that correct, "world famous"? oh well, I'm not sure.

The first animal or creature I saw.

Little Monkey...and I mean LITTLE.

This is Jacelle's older daughter, Kyla.

My daughter, Marie.

I named him Borris.

We just got there and she was giving all the animals hugs

Meerkat Manor

This is Jacelle <3... Her and her daughter were Marie and I dates for the day.

Snake head turtle...I think that's what it's creeped me out.

Spring Time! Mating Season


Hippo never get to see them so close...because they like to not be around when people go to see them. never get to see them so close...because of the LONG lines.

My date and I

Marie loves Giraffes...or I do.


After the zoo, since it closed so early, we went to Seaport Village.

Baby Marie enjoying outside.

Marie's a big bully.

This weird high walled ship passed by.

World Art...

...Art on the world...

My favorite.

Jacelle's Favorite.

My other favorite.